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Metro Gold Line

Metro Gold Line Extension

The Metro Gold Line Foothill Extension Construction Authority to extend the existing Metro Gold Line from its current terminus in Pasadena to Montclair. The proposed extension consists of two phases. The first phase will continue from Sierra Madre Villa in Pasadena east over 11 miles with stops in the cities of Arcadia, Duarte, Irwindale, Monrovia and two in Azusa. A second phase, which would continue east from Azusa over 12 miles through the cities of Glendora, La Verne, Montclair, Pomona and San Dimas.  Working with the Authority and individual Cities with stations located along the extension to evaluate regional real estate market economics (supply and demand factors), devise concept land use alternatives for intensifying uses around a ½ mile radius around station and support team with conceptual massing/development program, financial modeling and feasibility analysis and economic benefits to the region and additional ridership to the Metro Gold Line.

Village Partners is providing an approach (“road map”) to creative problem-solving and critical thinking for City/Communities (residents and land owners) and the Development Community to “get (redevelopment) things done” as the economy evolves/improves/ and demographics change over time. The approach needs to be fundamentally and economically sound and grounded in the realities of the times. 

Our analysis looked at the area within a walk able distance of the station (1/4 to ½ mile) and focused on underutilized and antiquated properties/land uses that represent multiple redevelopment opportunities to reinforce the area as a distinctly identifiable “new” Districtor neighborhood (or series of districts or neighborhoods) within the context of downtown. Particular focus was placed on ways to sensitively weave additional (residential and office) density in the area to support local (retail) businesses and public transit, and thus get people out of their cars.