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The Village at Montclair

The Village at Montclair

Village Partners is working on the development of a parcel of approximately 6 acres, located in a prime spot adjacent to a future Gold Line station. This project is envisioned as a multi-family residential community of 375 units. With unparalleled access to the Gold Line station through an on-site tunnel, this project integrates convenience and quality of life to create a unique community. This project is one small part of an exciting process of redesign and redevelopment of the entire downtown area, oriented towards walkability, sustainability, and community. 

Nearby Claremont, home of the historic and charming Claremont Village and the prestigious Claremont College consortium, offers excellent shopping, dining, and entertainment options, as well as nearby Montclair Place, currently under major renovation will offer 150 additional shopping, dining and entertainment options.

Place Type: Mixed-use (multi-family residential and commercial)

  • 6.3 acre site; 59 du/acre

  • 375 urban residences